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Dear Yuletide Writer ,

Hi! I'm glad to have you writing for me! That means the two of us share a fandom or two so that's always a great thing, right? Especially since the fandoms I picked are mostly obscure... Anyway, to make things easier for you, I guess I'll start with the stuff that makes me sparkle happily! not literally...

First of all, I love long fics, so if you can make it long I'd just be over here happily bouncing. Of course, just because I love long fics, doesn't mean I don't love shortfics either. More like, if you can make it stretch with a really cool plot, then I'd be very, very happy, but if it's short and to the point? I'd just be very, very happy too! I also really love plot, mysterious plot, angst, pain, misery- but with a good resolution. A nice ending. So if you want to throw in some really painful plot, and angst, and misery- that's fine by me! Just give me happiness in the end, please? :(

Things I'm not overly fond of include: incest, villifying the hypotenuse (unless they're mean to begin with, already) in a love triangle, and uh b-bad endings? Though, I'm not sure if my requests will get to that

So, yeah! On to my requested canons:


❧ Silver Diamond
Ayame Prince • Kinrei Kingen • Sawa Rakan • Senroh Chigusa

Ayame Prince

    Request: I'd really love to see a heart-warming Ayame Prince-centric fic for this one. I'd prefer it to be set in the 'normal' world Rakan is from (Perhaps Rakan and Co. (Chigusa & Kinrei) teaching how to do normal things, live a normal life, even go to school. Would he cheat using his powers? What would his reaction to actually eating food be?) but anything else is fine as long as you can give this guy something (relatively) fluffy and normal and happy. If possible, I'd even like Rakan to do what main characters do best and befriend the Ayame Prince somehow...

So, I know this is a bit of a tall order considering Tokyopop never got to finish the series and there are more than twelve volumes out there that are completely untranslated... Even so, I think a good lot about the Ayame Prince has been revealed already to make this work. I think. highlight for spoilers as I ramble more Anyway, volume 11 and 12 (the bits of it translated, anyway) pretty much revealed that the Ayame Prince is a really simple-minded individual. All he wants is to survive. It's not his fault he sucks the life out of things to survive. He just does. And then there's the whole Kinrei never did have the decency to give him a proper name. I want this- I just need to see a fic that gives him a happy ending. I don't really care if it disregards whatever the next volumes up-to-26 have; make it an AU! Throw him in Rakan's world! Make him normal! Just make him really, really, happy... and give him a proper name too, please? :(

But if you don't know much about this canon and would like to give this a shot, though, AnimeA has the series up to chapter 44. Since the Ayame Prince is a villain though, he's actually not in much of the chapters...


❧ tactics
Ichinomiya Kantarou • Haruka • Minamoto Raikou • Yoko


    Request: Reincarnation; for Kantarou and Raikou, anyway. Something set in modern-times with Haruka and Yoko around and having not reincarnated. How do they find each other again? What kind of jobs are they doing now? What's Kantarou and Raikou's reincarnations like? I kind of wanna see Reincarnated!Kantarou reunited with Haruka and Yoko and be a happy pseudo-family again... and see how Raikou fits in this. As for pairing, I like Haruka/Kantarou and Raikou/Kantarou very much, but wouldn't mind gen (friendship! antagonism!) at all!

Seeing as, like Silver Diamond, this series' localization went belly-up when Tokyopop did and is probably never seeing another English release (and the English fandom is so small, scanlations/translation is ... highly unlikely... for the later chapters/volumes)... I thought, why not pretend the humans all die anyway and let's start another page! On to the future! The anime ends at a sort of (lightly) ominous note and the manga sort of points to bad-ends for the human characters so... yeah. Reincarnation. There's also that, I think, mini-comic from one of the volumes where Kantarou is a student and Haruka is a teacher that may or may not have inspired this...

Anyway, to elaborate a little on that request: I want to see the future being free of the implied bad stuff going on in the background of the manga, but still being somewhat affected by it. And bonding between Kantarou and Haruka and Yoko! Also, if you're going for Haruka/Kantarou; why not throw in some angst? Ultimately, as long as you can make it end at a happy note, I will be one happy reader... ♥

Also, I don't mind if it's based on the manga ( which can be found here) or the anime. Either way works for me :)


❧ Tales of Graces f
Hubert Oswell • Asbel Lhant • Richard Windor • Sophie

bros 4 lief

    Request: Brotherly love. Lots and lots of brotherly love. But not romantic brotherly love. What I want to see is a fic that showcases this one way or another. Maybe something plotty goes on and Hubert is forced to show his brotherly love for Asbel, or take care of Asbel, or just be a cute little brother. I'm also not averse to some Richard/Asbel; but for this to happen, I would really love it if Asbel's canon pairing is dealt with nicely and neither of them has to cheat....

I'm not really sure how powerful Asbel is after the end of the main game (since I haven't played the Future arc yet), but maybe Asbel can instead be hit emotionally (or some such) and Hubert can take care of him/encourage him for a change? Asbel being literally being hurt and Hubert taking care of him is nice too, but as mentioned, I'm not sure if that's possible after the end of the game... The emotional hurt can come from a death or injury in the family, or somesuch, and if you want, you can even go ahead and do away with Asbel's canon partner this way if you're planning to write Richard/Asbel sorry, Cheria, I love you ...... but yeah, all of these are optional! All I really want is Hubert and Asbel being wonderful brothers and doing brotherly things together... with Sophie (being awesome!) and Richard (or Richard/Asbel) on the side :)

❧ Yami no Matsuei
Watari Yutaka • Tatsumi Seiichirou • Muraki Kazutaka • Tsuzuki Asato


    Request: For this one, I sort of want a plotty fic centered on Watari. Something related to the backstory for him that they kept hinting at but never got to. Maybe he's secretly a 'bad' guy all along in a sense that his personal agenda (which may not be all that bad) has him somewhat working with Muraki...

    Or for something completely silly: Watari's tired of Tatsumi dancing around Tsuzuki and never getting anywhere that he decides to take action by 'wooing' Tsuzuki and making Tatsumi jealous! Whew. And it's up to you to decide who he ends up with... dundundun And if the workplace has rules against workplace romance...

This series finally got resumed sometime last year but there's still no resolution (or any further hints) for Watari's backstory... that's why I thought, why not ask for YnM this year? The earlier volumes implied he's part of EnmaDaiOh's big plan for something ... but what is it? What if he's forced to work against our good guys because of this something? What would happen? And what if he can stand toe-to-toe against Muraki when it comes to badassery? (Not so much the freaky bad guy aspects...) And what if, because of this something, he has to work with Muraki reluctantly?

As for the silly suggestion: maybe Watari has Tsuzuki working with him on this plan... maybe Tatsumi's work productivity/mood has been pretty bad lately and the only thing to make it better is to get him to admit his feelings... or something. \o/ I'm open to anything! :)


Whew. Anyway! Thank you in advance! And don't worry about not sticking too closely to my requests, or something! If you think it's best one way or another, it'll probably be fine :) I'm just happy you'll be writing me something! ♥ Happy Writing!