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Trick or Treat Dear Creator!

Dear Creator,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to look at my letter... and for planning to write for me! I like simple things: fluff, angst that leads to good ends, shippy feels and um... some drama? People crying? Temporary amnesia?

Things I don't like? Actual incest, non-canonical character death, straight out angst leading to bad ends, and ... basically, anything too extreme, I guess!

For some more details though with the fandoms I'm requesting:

英雄伝説 閃の軌跡 | The Legend of Heroes: Sen no kiseki (Video Games)

    If possible, I'd like a shippy treat with either Crow/Rean, Jusis/Rean, Machias/Rean or if you want to be exciting any combination of those three other guys with Rean. Love triangles? Squares? I'll take it ♥

    If you're not okay with ships though, anything with Rean (my fav ♥) and the other characters in a friendly, classmatey-setting would be much loved too :) I'd love to see them doing random requests or a snapshot of their schoolhouse treks...

    Note that I haven't started Cold Steel II yet (though that may change) so please keep CSII spoilers at a minimum ♥

英雄伝説VI 空の軌跡 | The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki (Video Games)

    My main ship for this one is Estelle/Joshua. But to be completely and absolutely and brutally honest with you.... I sideship Estelle/Kevin and Estelle/Olivier. Though, for the distinct purpose of making Joshua just a biit jelly.

    Actually, there you go. The treat I'd love to see for this is Joshua being jealous of something or someone with regards to Estelle. Like I'm totally okay if you don't want to focus on ships, but I'd really really really love to see Joshua jelly if possible :( I leave it up to you with what or how you'd get there....

    If that's too specific though! Anything with Olivier and Estelle and Joshua would make me happy! Friendshippy or the like! Yeaah!

ダイヤのA | Daiya no A | Ace of Diamond

    I'm... kind of being adventurous with this a bit. I don't mind either a Trick or Treat for this one! My only request is that if it's a Trick, that there be a... mildly hopeful/happy ending? Eijun is my fandom bicycle so if you want to go the shippy route, please match him with any of the characters I've selected :)

    Otherwise... I just want Eijun friendship/ship/buddy fic with any of those guys. Maybe more Furuya and Miyuki and Haruichi, though?

Tales of Vesperia

    I won't lie, I want a Trick fic with Alexei and Flynn in it. If you can somehow squeeze Yuri in it, I'll be very, very happy. Alexei and Flynn have this... thing between them that has always fascinated me, but I never really liked it as a fluffy ship/relationship/friendship. Like, that relationship has to be screwed up somehow and... yeah!

    Pretty please, Trick with Alexei and Flynn and a side-helping of Yuri if you can and want to write for this? :) ♥