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Annual Iwatobi Christmas Fest

Dear Creator,

    First of all, thank you! I know you'll be a great writer and I look forward to whatever you come up with ♥

    As for what I like... As you can tell from my prompt, I'm a big sucker for angst that gives way to happy endings. I also love Makoto/Haruka and Makoto/Rin and Makoto being the more vulnerable of the two in a ship. Also, RinHaru isn't a ship I'm too fond of, but I really don't mind seeing fics that don't shy from the fact that Rin is one of the important people in Haru's life (like Makoto)!

    I would also love to see Rin and Makoto being close friends even if Makoto ends up with Haru (if you're going with MakoHaru)!

    And finally, I know my prompt is a bit too specific (and is borrowing a plot point from Sword Art Online) ... so if you're not comfortable with that, and prefer to do it another way or to write something else entirely, I think I can be fine with that :)

    I know what I really wanted to see when I wrote my prompt is Makoto being a (temporary) kept man (sort of) by either Haruka or Rin while he gets his life back together... If you can do that somehow, SAO-plot or no, I'd really really love you!

    And that's all, I think! Thank you again, Creator-san!


    PS, If you prefer to write gen, I'm okay with that too! Also, if you can find a way to put Nitori in (and/or NitoRin) I would just.... really love it!