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Yuletide Pinchitter 2013

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello, I'm happy you took the time to look at this letter~ I... actually missed yuletide sign-ups, signed up as a pinch-hitter, and then conveniently forgot about pinch-hitters request list so... if you're here, thanks!

I'm not really picky. I would like something shippy and fluffy.... I like angst too... but only with happy endings :)

The fandoms I'm interested in recieving a treat from are as follows:

Free! or Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

I'd like something either MakoHaru, MakoRin or NitoRin, if possible! Maybe something about Haruka missing Makoto when something comes between their friendship or makes it so they're not able to spend as much time together? Sweet realizations of love?

Or it could be Makoto and Rin being adorable together...

For NitoRin... I think it'd be nice to see a fic where Nitori is cute and adorable, and maybe a bit of a pushover, but not completely. I'd love to see him standing up and breaking a lot of fandoms preconcieved notions of him (just because he's 'shota' looking). I think Nitori can be very strong-willed and, just you know, kind of cool and dependable in his own way and I want to see that :D

Gen is totally fine too~ I do have a preference for Makoto and Nitori though....

Tales of Xillia

I have a soft spot for Gaius/Jude and Alvin/Jude. I actually haven't finished the game yet (I'm right at the very last battle) but.... I'd love to see something with this.

(I also ship Gaius/Milla but... well, for this one I'd like to request the above pairings :) )

Tales of Vesperia

I ship Flynn/Yuri, Flynn/Estelle, and Raven/Flynn!

So I think I would like to see one of those.... but Flynn being cool and Commandant-y is also fine! Flynn is my favorite character.... ♥

You know, I could totally go with Raven teaching Flynn how to use the bow too....

and lastly,

Xenoblade Chronicles

I'd take anything from this fandom. Or almost anything. My favorite characters are Melia, Shulk, Riki and Fiora...

I'd like to see something shippy from either Melia/Shulk or Fiora/Shulk... but Melia/Fiora friendshipping would be cute too! Or maybe Melia or Fiora interacting with the super adorable Riki!

Some Shulk wondering about his life (and how strange his very existence is) post-game would be interesting to see too :)

Just... Xenoblade love please~

And here ends my pinch-hitter's request! Thank you so much for being here :)