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madderskies ([personal profile] madderskies) wrote2014-09-19 12:26 am
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2014 Makoto Birthday Exchange!

Dear Creator,

Hey! Thank you first of all because you're making my stuff and I know it'll be ! I'm writing this letter to let you know that um... I know I have some pretty detailed requests... but don't worry! If you can't do them, as long as you give lovely Makoto love (one way or another) I'll be happy!

(I really just made them to get into the exchange....)

But anyway, I love... fluff? I love angst too... as long as there's a happy ending. (And I want all the happy endings for Makoto!) ... I don't think I requested for much angst though... but maybe if you can insert it there....

Just put all the Makoto love in there and I'll love you!