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Dear Yuletide Writer 2014

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thanks in advance! I'm happy to have you writing for me! To help you along (and give you some ideas!) I guess I'll write what I like about the fandoms I've requested from!

Log Horizon

    Let me be plain with this: I love this show and its very obviously hetero pairings? But I kind of want to see some Shiroe/Crusty going on. Two powerful, good looking, and intelligent men together. It could be with their 'canon' ships (I'm not sure if their tags exist, so sorry if they're not! But polyamory? Shipping even as their other ships know about them) or it could not be! Just, Shiroe/Crusty would make my day!

    If that's not your cup of tea I would love for some Shiroe and Naostugu bromance or Rundelhaus' interacting with Shiroe. For the latter, how does he feel about obvious spoilers regarding himself (and Shiroe)? That kind of thing!

I was going to edit it and say I didn't mind good ol' Shiroe/Crusty bromance instead of right out romance but signups closed before I could... so I'm adding it here as an option! I was late, sorry!

Anyway, one of the things I really liked about Log Horizon is how it really shows how they're living in a videogame-inspired world. The game mechanics aren't handwaved or conveniently mentioned if the story feels like reminding us that Elder Tale was once a game... so I would really love it if you can inject that videogame feel to it. Or maybe, even something that just explores the world they're in and how they're (Shiroe, Crusty, Rundel and Naotsugu) dealing with it. Something that hasn't been covered in the anime/manga/novels? It can be mundane things or them comparing/remembering the old world...

You know what? I think that even without the ships, I'd be happy just having something Log Horizony.... Though, I really love Crusty and Shiroe, individuals and all, so a mature relationship (romantic or platonic) between the two of them would make me really really really happy!

Tales of Xillia

    Oh I need Julius and Ludger to have a happy ending somehow. I love their brotherhood and just... give me happiness and tomatoes, preferably set after the True Ending. Make it work somehow ;-; ♥ Even if it means tossing them into another canon and setting to do it, just happiness please!

    I think I also wouldn't mind seeing Ludger/Jude on the side (with, hopefully, the blessing of Milla?) .... is that even possible? If shipping's too much, I'd be a-okay for bromance.

    Anything with Ludger (and Julius) happy will make me happy :(

The second game was devastating. And you know what? After finishing it I just really want something happy. I also wished I saw Julius and Ludger together more, just being brothers and not having life screwing them over just because they were born to a certain family. So that's what I really want, Ludger and Julius finding happiness without screwing everyone and the world over! Preferably with Rollo or a Rollo -- any cats really because he wasn't in the tag set!

I understand though that not everyone will have played Tales of Xillia 2? So, something with Jude and Milla would be great too! I admit, I kind of want to see it being possible for them to settle down and have an actual family between the two of them.... Milla dealing with actually being 'human' in yet another level and learning how to be a mother (with Jude!) so even if she does have to leave or outlive Jude eventually, she'll have created something (or someone) with him....

Something like that! Of course, I also wouldn't mind having some angst sprinkled to that... It's like angst, please! But my dessert better be happy... that kind of thing!

Ace of Diamond/Daiya no A

    Eijun/Chris is totally my jam and I don't think I've seen a lot of it so I'd like that. Very much. Maybe their growing feelings throughout their remaining time together in High School together and beyond that? (Maybe throw in swimming somewhere there too... I don't know, just swimming and Eijun sound like a good idea....)

    I think I could also do some Eijun/Miyuki but with some Eijun/Chris thing going on the side? I'd love to see Kazuya agonize/have to actually deal with Eijun/Chris in all its possibilities before getting that Eijun love!

I admit, I've not caught up to show... but when I saw the tag I just had to request Chris and Eijun. The last time I looked for Chris/Eijun I really didn't find much... so I want it! I want it so bad! I feel like Miyuki/Eijun has been, by far, the more popular ship for Eijun. And I can see why because Miyuki is one hot jerk guy but just Chris... The guy who brought back teh sparkle in his eyes literally (in the anime, anyway) and Chris.

I mean, I do ship Eijun/Miyuki too, but Chris is totally first in my heart for Eijun!

If Chris/Eijun isn't your thing, though, I'm okay with Miyuki/Eijun too! But I really want to see more of Miyuki noticing Eijun and caring for him before it happens! I mean, from what I've seen, he's kind of just rooting for whichever pitcher interests him. He looked at Eijun and was interested in him... but it feels.... non-committal? And if you're going this route, if possible, I'd like to see his attraction some more!

And Furuya is totally in my taglist because, hey, I'd be interested in Eijun/Furuya too. Somehow. Surprise me...?

Anyway, that's all... I think? To summarize my preferences: I just really love happy endings. Like you could rake these guys through mud and coal ... but as long as you give me a happy ending without breaking the characters too much.... I'm happy! I think the only thing I wouldn't be too happy about would be... um, incest? And anything too extreme, I guess!

That's all and thank you again! :)