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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thanks in advance! Like, you wouldn't be here if you didn't decide to stick with my prompts... so thanks! I'll try and help you along by telling you what I like about the fandoms I requested!


蒼穹のファフナー | Fafner

I'd like to have some fluff between Kazuki and Soushi, if possible. Snippets from the time between Heaven & Earth and Exodus, maybe. Soushi fussing over Kazuki (and his failing health?), being a super friend (or lover), and generally being a lot more willing to show he cares for Kazuki (as a friend or otherwise) than he has been in Exodus. I'm also okay with lovely unrequited crushes happening... mostly from Jonathan and Misao to Kazuki. Can you tell I'm all for Kazuki bicycles?

I'd like to avoid sad endings, if possible! Like I could do with lovely yummy angst... as long as it's resolved. The series is bleak enough as it is so I want a little bit more happiness! ♥

As you may (or may not) know, Fafner is a terribly, terribly depressing series. Rocks fall people die, death flags waved like crazy, etc. etc. I like drama - a lot. It's probably why I'm still watching this series. I especially love the pain and misery they put Kazuki through (hi, three years to live, hi i was blind for a year blah blah)... but that's because I know that, to some extent, the writers for Fafner will give me an end that's... probably satisfying? Something that isn't necessarily perfectly happy, but something that's fair after all that's happened. That's what I want to see in a fic for Fafner; something happy but grounded in the canon. Sort of. At least, please let Kazuki and Soushi both live. And Maya too. :( Bring on the painful feels, the gut punches, and the misery... but end it nicely. A fic with these will make me super, super, super happy.

And I know Canon didn't make my requested characters' list... but maybe put her in here in somewhere if possible even if it's only a fond mention? :( You know, for reasons.


ダイヤのA | Daiya no A | Ace of Diamond

I'm shameless and just really, really, really want some Eijun/one of the other guys in my tags fic. If possible, I'd love to see Miyuki suffering too, whether it's because of Eijun liking someone else (like Chris, or Kuramochi-senpai ♥) or because Eijun is just not a very bright person when it comes to romance (and because Miyuki + love = Miyuki suffering in denial ). Something set in College, maybe? And some angst is always welcome....

If you're not cool with romance and stuff then I'd really love some nice friendship going between Eijun and any of the three. Maybe something where Eijun gets appreciated? Or how Eijun's friendships with these guys have (somehow) survived and developed throughout the years.

I think what I want to see in a Daiya fanfic is... maybe Eijun being presented as something more than a gag shounen hero? And not being the guy who falls for Miyuki (or even Chris-senpai ) in that head-over-heels kind of way, or even, not being the first one to do the falling in love thing. I'd love to see the other guys suffer a bit more instead of the usual Eijun falls for them and... does stuff. I'd also love to see Eijun become successful/accomplished... or at least, have people who acknowledge his skills openly.

But yeah, if not romance! Friendship! And lots of Eijun-acknowledgement. A fic where his skills as a pitcher (and as good friend) is acknowledged....

I just really want Eijun to be successful :'( and be loved first.


Tales of Vesperia

I'd love some Yuri & Flynn hurt-comfort with past Flynn/Alexei non-con implied (or otherwise). Maybe Flynn's been repressing his memories about it, or it's something he's not particularly proud of, maybe he even has some blastia-induced amnesia courtesy of Alexei... But at some point, the truth comes out and I kind of want to see Yuri's reaction to it and if he judges/thinks of Flynn any less for it. (If you don't want to do non-con, consensual Flynn/Alexei would be okay too... with maybe Yuri having to come to terms with that?) If possible, I'd love to see eventual Yuri/Flynn for this... but I'm also fine with some loving friendshippy/acceptance route.

If that's not your cup of tea! I think I'd love to see Yuri actually rescue Flynn. Like, a really physically incapacitated Flynn. And then finish it off with hurt/comfort? It'd be nice if you could explore them coming to terms with death (a friend's real death for Yuri, actual death for Flynn). Oh and if you can squeeze in some beautiful explosive arguments between Yuri and Flynn in there... that'd make me really happy! (As long as they make up, of course! ;D) Yuri/Flynn is optional here too....

Alexei/Flynn is that one ship I ship guiltily. Like I think there's no way that could happen without some really heavy deception as an undercurrent, but I still want it so bad (in the background) as a set up for more Flynn/Yuri conflict. I just love Flynn and Yuri's dynamics, romantic or not. I love seeing them fight, and just really butt heads and disappoint each other... because you know, with these two, I feel like they'll always find a way to bridge their differences and make up. And that's what I want to see here: comfort, acceptance, another show of their deep deep friendship (or love hah!).

Flynn's my favorite character in this canon so ... I'd also love to see him suffering ♥ And you know what? If you can chuck Alexei/Flynn in the background and give me injured!Flynn/suffering!Flynn and Yuri saving him.... oh, I'll be so so so happy. I don't know how you'll pull this off but if you can... :3


Anyway, I hope my ramblings helped give you an idea (or two) at least...! In the end, I think I'll appreciate whatever you write for me because... well, you took the time to write it for me! So thank you again! And, uh, see you on reveal day? :)